About Fine Aggregates

Fine Aggregates are used for bonding and plastering purposes. They are manufactured or available naturally.

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Plastering Sand (P Sand)

Plastering sand is a finely graded sand used specifically for plastering applications. Its grains typically range from 0.1 to 2 mm in size, making it ideal for creating a smooth and even plaster surface. This type of sand is meticulously cleaned to remove impurities such as clay, silt, and organic matter, which can weaken the plaster and cause defects like cracks and uneven finishes. P Sand or Plastering Sand price depends on quantity and location of delivery. Generally the grade is similar for all type of work. P Sand can be delivered either in Metric Tons or Cubic Feet (Cft) basis.

M Sand for Construction

M Sand for Concrete, Construction and block works. Conforms to IS 383, Zone II Specifications. Can be used for Foundation, Footing, Pillar, blocks, Tiles and roofing purpose. Both Water washed and air classified (dry) are available. Available all across Bangalore and with assured quality as per BIS specifications. Contact us for M Sand price in Bangalore. M sand price depends on quantity and location and the type of the sand sought. There are different grades based on the purpose of the usage. For example, concrete and blocks work requite different grade compared to tiling work. M Sand is delivered using Tipper and can delivered either on Metric Tons or Cft (Cubic Feet) basis